New Youth Theatre

New Youth Theatre - Themed Parties

What is an NYT party?

NYT parties are the talk of the playground.

They are based on our popular musical theatre classes and performances and include real costumes and props.

They're high energy and fun and all the children get the chance to act, dance and sing.

At the end of the session, a mini-performance is ready for parents to watch.

We create a totally unique party for your child and ensure their big day is a happy and memorable one.

We'll even provide you with invitations!


Party Themes

Peter Pan
High School Musical
Jungle Book
And many more - please enquire


Booking your party

If you are interested in booking an NYT Party, this is how it works:

1) Check availability
Firstly, please call or email your local centre and tell us what party theme you are looking for.
We will take details about what you require and check dates.
We can confirm if your preferred date is free at this stage.

2) Complete an online booking form on your local centre's website - with the date agreed with your centre.

3) We will book the party leader and pass on your requirements, venue, date and times. Only when we have all the details in place will we confirm the booking back to you by email. We will provide party invitations to hand out to guests.

4) Finally, a few days before the party, your Party Leader will contact you to check all arrangements are still correct.

5) On the big day, she or he will arrive fifteen minutes before the start of the party activities and will be keen to meet the birthday boy or girl to find out how to make their party the best ever.

For enquiries and to book a party please contact your local centre


Party FAQs

Q - What are the age limits for children attending the party?
A - Parties are suitable for ages from 4 to 11.

Q - How many children can the party cater for?
A - A maximum of 20 depending on venue.

Q - How long will the activities last?
A - The party will last 60 minutes. The Party Leader will arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the start.

Q - Where can the party be held?
A - Suitable venues are private homes, community, church or village halls.

Q - What is the cost of a party?
A - The cost of a party is £100.00. This is payable in advance.

Q - Can parents watch?
A - Parents are advised to leave the children with the party leader as the children will feel less inhibited.
Rest assured your child’s party will be in good hands.
All our Party Leaders are used to working with children and have been fully trained to deliver our exclusive party package.
All Leaders are have an enhanced CRB check and are fully insured.

Q - I've booked the party, what do I do?
A - Send out the invitations to guests and ensure that the party is for the agreed number of children.
Then sit back and relax, your child’s party will be a great success!